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The Digital Nomad News is your online newspaper bringing you the latest news and information from the wonderful world of digital nomadism delivered to you daily!

If you have only just started remote working, or have been fully location independent for years, or you’re recently inspired since reading The 4 Hour Work Week and/or Digital Nomad (co-written by one of my fathers best friends, called David Manners, coincidentally, whose a top bloke :) or the many other DN publications that now exist, and are now considering the DN lifestyle, then be sure to subscribe to this newspaper for information and stories brought to you in roundup form, from the digitally nomadic world.

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What We Cover

This newspaper syndicates everything from breaking news, travel news as well as covering all aspects of business, leisure, education, health, technology, politics and personal administration (tax and banking) relating to this way of living and working, that will hopefully help and inspire those pursuing a lifestyle of location independence.

We will also be featuring more general stories that tend to be of interest too! This can range from anything between the environment to digital marketing, a well-established line of work for working nomads helping them stay in business on the road, either directly from offering DM services, or by helping make a success of their mobile and online business or social projects. Similarly, you are likely to encounter content from Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and more academic sources when covering topics relating to Digital Anthropology, and I’m confident you will also find a few of the ‘How to Be A Digital Nomad’ type articles and posts every now and again too.

Social Media

We also feature stories that have been hashtagged appropriately as well those that are currently trending on Twitter and Instagram, such as #digitalnomad, #remotework #coworking for example. In addition we have a pictures section that pulls in Tweeted images that have been tagged similarly or via our current source list and/or social media aggregation rules.

We Follow Best Practice

The content we curate is sourced from many different DN's publications and related publishers, as well as national and international news and press agencies when they cover a story relating to our way of life and the future of work. We will be sharing as many stories and articles relating to this lifestyle revolution, as it continues to hyper accelerate across the world, empowering both old and new generations to live a fulfilling and exciting life of freedom and individual empowerment.

We aggregate and syndicate this content so visitors to our online newspaper (you) have the latest relevant news and information in the form of a 'round-up'.

All content sources are correctly cited and referenced according to current online publishing best practices. Usually only a headline, snippet (paragraph) and, where applicable, a picture is published all linked to the original source article as well as correctly crediting the original source.

If you are a content producer such as my first
digital nomad blog (this links to my 14+ year-old blog posts when I was trying to run my online shop from a tent on a beach in Ibiza :) or news source (as opposed to an aggregator of syndicated content like us) and find your content featured on this newspaper then please be aware that this has a beneficial effect for your digital brand. This is due to your website and its content being linked to from a regularly updated and relevant online publication as well as being shared with a targeted readership.  In addition, you may also achieve some 'social amplification' if your content makes it into one of our daily top stories that are also promoted via social media.

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If you feel like there are important news sources not being included please feel free to recommend them to us and we will consider them for future inclusion. Please note that we can only consider sources that publish timely news relating to the
DN Lifestyle on a regular basis.

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Useful Links

Please find some useful DN Links below that I will be adding to further very soon:

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- Nomad Cruise

- Nomad List

My Digital Nomad definition

"Individuals who leverage technology enabling them free, to live and work from wherever, for whatever reason, or combination thereof"

(Dan Lawrence 2008 :)

About the Editor

This newspaper is curated by Dan Lawrence an SEO'r, Digital Nomad & Libertarian Anarchist who pursues liberty via decentralised, non-authoritarian infrastructures like the internet & tents :)

My Work

I have been a DN since 2003 and an SEO since 1998, providing digital marketing and consultancy services to local, national and international businesses, focusing on the organic aspects of Inbound Marketing such as:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve your website's visibility and targeted traffic it achieves from search engines. I've been SEO'ing every day since 1998.

Working Social Media (SMO) to practice market leadership, to grow and better engage with your brand's enthusiasts.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to help you leverage your organic digital assets for maximum return on investment (ROI).

I launched one of the very first independent online shops/stores in the UK and EU called SHOP21 to practice my e-commerce SEO but it ended up becoming pretty successful in its own right and achieved an objective valuation of £2 million pounds (based on a price-earnings ratio of 4 to 6) by 2008.

I'm also Director of Client Services for Marketing Labs, an exceptional digital marketing agency who can help optimise your digital propositions so please 'email me’ via the button at the top of this column or click on my linked name above to connect with me on LinkedIn, to discuss how to maximise Return On Investments from your digital spend.